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Prestige Laboratories Of Florida | About Us

About Us

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Our benefits

Prestige Laboratories is a clinical reference lab in South Florida, furnishing fast & accurate results to hospitals, Physicians, skilled nursing facilities, urgent care providers, and medical specialties such as pain management and drug rehabilitation practices.

Redundant high capacity lab automation and modern computer technology allow for electronic connectivity and assure timely results. We utilize state-of-the-art SSL and 254 bit data encryption protocols to ensure confidentiality and HIPAA compliance regarding patient  demographics, results, insurance information and other sensitive material.

LC-MS/MS Confirmation
We utilize one of the market’s leading UHPLC (Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography) LC-MS/MS systems for drug confirmation testing.
Pain Management, Addiction, and Behavioral Health
Our Synermed-IR automated chemistry analyzer is set up to handle both routine chemistry and toxicology. Fast, versatile, and reliable. It’s near-Infrared detection enables widely-used automation to avoid serious inaccuracies due to lipemia, hemolysis, and icterus.
  • Insurance

    We are certified to provide services to Medicare, Medicaid, HMO and all private insurance companies.

  • Comprehensive Drug Screening

    Screening and confirmation for drugs as well as Basic Urine Profiles and Comprehensive Urine Profiles

  • Definitive Confirmative Testing

    Our LC-MS/MS technology provide an absolute and definite result that indicates the specific drug/compound present in the samples.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our quality control and quality assurance testing process focus on specimen accessioning, handling and analysis, routine review of lab personnel performance and procedure, maintenance of equipment and results review and reporting.